EID Readers and Weighing Equipment

Weighing animals is a critical activity for enhancing decision-making on livestock farms. Using Caisley EID tags, with Gallagher scales, and EID readers enables you to gather data and make informed decisions. This investment quickly proves its worth over time.

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Why is weighing important?

  • Identifies the ideal time to sell.
  • Enhances control over growth and nutrition.
  • Aids in monitoring the health of the animals.
  • Helps determine the best time for breeding.
  • Allows for assessment of which animals produce the highest quality offspring.
  • Assists in calculating the correct dosage of medications.
  • Helps decide the optimal transition time from milk to solid feed.
  • Provides a detailed record book for transfer or slaughter purposes.

With an EID reader, you can effortlessly scan your animals’ ear tags, storing or connecting the information to your weighing systems. This enables you to maintain detailed records for each animal by scanning their unique tags, allowing for personalised note-taking and monitoring of their progress. This system facilitates rapid, straightforward, and precise data capture of EID and/or animal specifics, including:

  • Capturing and transferring animal IDs.
  • Associating calves and lambs with their mothers.
  • Matching visual ID numbers with EID tags within a group.
  • Updating and adding details like condition scores and individual animal notes.
  • Organising animals into categories based on their EID numbers.
  • Ensuring accurate stock reconciliation and verifying current stock levels.
  • This digital tool streamlines the management of livestock data, enhancing both efficiency and accuracy in farm operations.

Weighing plays a crucial role in enhancing decision-making on the farm, with weigh scales, data collectors, and EID equipment being key to this process. Investing in these tools represents one of the most beneficial decisions for farm operations. The return on investment begins immediately and can significantly increase over time, offering a notable return on the capital invested. Even for farmers skilled in estimating stock weights visually, the precision and consistency offered by a weigh scale cannot be matched.

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