Our BVD test is available on a pay-as-you-go basis, and you will receive an invoice directly from the laboratory once the BVD test is completed.

We will send you pre-addressed envelopes, along with the sample submission forms. Simply tag the animals, pack the vials and send them off to the laboratory of your choice.

Test for BVD with

In your first order from Caisley you will receive a box of everything you need to start BVD testing.  We even send you something sweet to make you smile.

Un-pack your box which should include; tags with tissue tubes attached, an applicator, an easy mark pen, storage boxes, forms and return postage packs.

You should now have everything you need to start testing for BVD.

Caisley have the largest range of Tissue sampling tags available on the market.  Made using the same high quality of raw materials as our standard visual tags, these tags have a unique design to make ear tagging and tissue sampling easy and stress free.

All of our tags including these Geno tags arrive in strips. For BVD samples you must use a white tube and not a pink tube which is used only for DNA.

Loading of the tag correctly is vitally important.  Always load the female part of the tag first followed by the male part ensuring not to knock off the tissue cutter. Tissue sampling tags use the same universal applicator as all our other tags in our range and with its straight line action guarantees accuracy of tagging and tissue sampling.

Tagging of the calf is quick, accurate and stress free for both the calf and the operator.  Always ensure you tag the calf from the rear of its ear as the tag mechanism must be in the inside of the ear.

BVD Tag and Test