About Caisley Eartag

Caisley cattle and sheep ear tags have been available in the UK for over 30 years and are now available direct from the manufacturer. We are based in Ripon, North Yorkshire and have been supplying cattle EID, sheep and pig tags for five years from this site. We are keen to work with farmers to ensure that their needs are put first and to make tagging as easy as possible for them. We offer a wide range of livestock identification tags from Tissue sampling tags for BVD and DNA testing to EID and visual tags


Our online shop allows you to purchase and securely pay for your cattle, sheep and pig tags making the order process faster and more secure for our customers. We will contact you if there are any queries relating to the tag numbers ordered. You will also receive confirmation when the tag order has been despatched, keeping you informed with the progress of your order. If you are local to us in North Yorkshire, you can also collect the replacement cattle tags from our site within an hour! We pride ourselves in offering excellent customer service along with a top quality cattle tags, sheep and pig tags.

Livestock Identification Tags

Our range of cattle and sheep ear tags have a number of key features including retention, free and frictionless rotation, convenient packaging and most importantly one applicator applies the whole range! We offer the full range of cattle tags including BVD and DNA Cattle and Sheep Tissue Sampling tags, EID & Visual. If you are new to the Caisley range, we will offer the applicator free with first order of 70 pairs.

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You can speak to our Customer Service Team anytime between 8.30am & 5.00pm Monday to Friday

Here’s what some of our customers say about our tags

“Ordering tags is so much simpler since I’ve been using WhatsApp to text Caisley. I can be at home or in the field and send a picture of the tag I need. Or I can ask for a new run of tags. Quick and Easy.”

David Whitaker and his son Josh farm in Quernmore, Lancashire where they manage a mixed suckler herd of British Blue and Limousins alongside a flock of North Country Mule ewes.

“We had been using tags from another manufacturer for years but we were getting fed up with the number of tags that were snapping off or being ripped out of ears.  This was costing us lots of time and money!  We met a representative from Caisley who explained why their tags were superior, so we decided to swap.

Since moving to Caisley tags we hardly ever lose a tag.

They never snap and very rarely do we have a ripped ear.  On top of that the taggers are so simple and always 100% accurate to use, plus we can use the same bit of kit for both the sheep and the cattle.  On top of this it is always a pleasure to speak to the friendly and helpful Caisley team on the phone.  I would highly recommend anyone to make the change to Caisley”

“We have used Caisley tags for 12 years and found them to be very simple to administer as the two tags come in an easy to use strip for each calf. Competitors tags used recently were jumbled up in two separate boxes and are proving to be inconvenient to use. As well as this the competitors tags move in the applicator making the process of application haphazard to say the least as well as time consuming. Drop out rates are also very low with the Caisley tags.”

Caisley livestock tags have been available in the UK for over 35 years. We are delighted to inform you that they are now available direct from Caisley and leading agricultural merchants. The current FLEXOPLUS® and FLEXOTRONIC® generation of tags are immediately recognisable by the red cap and locking ring on the female part of the tag.

Caisley cattle and sheep ear tags are used by farmers in over 70 countries around the world. Our programme of continuous development is focused on making tagging as easy as possible for farmers who have to deal with increasing legislative demands, to comply with animal identification and traceability.
A number of the key features of Caisley tags:

Outstanding tag retention

The FLEXO range (visual, EID, and tissue sampling for DNA or BVD testing) have a retention rate of over 99%* in a wide range of husbandry environments. This is due to the design of the male and female locking mechanism that ensures free and frictionless rotation of both parts of the tag, throughout the lifetime of the animal.

Easy to read numbers – To make the numbers easy to read we use a unique print font which clearly distinguishes the frequently confused numbers 1 and 7, 3 and 8, 5 and 6. Combined with the dark laser print that is cut deep into the surface of the tag, the numbers can be read even in poor light conditions.

One applicator for all tags

Only one applicator is required to insert all types of tag, including the FLEXOPLUS®Geno tissue sampling and FLEXOTRONIC® EID tags. The Universal Applicator has a patented parallel closing mechanism, which inserts the tag with minimum effort and damage to ear tissue.

Convenient packaging

To speed up tagging and to avoid mixing up cattle ear tags, they are printed and packed in pairs (a strip of two tags for one animal). The pair combinations (combos) available for both official and management use are almost limitless. They include visual with EID and visual with tissue sampling combos.

Tamper proof tissue sampling

Our patented FLEXOPLUS®GENO tissue sampling tag for  DNA or BVD is the only tag system on the market that takes the sample and safely secures it in the sample tube, all in the same action when inserting the tag. This eliminates any risk of samples from different animals being mixed up or sample contamination resulting in an incorrect test result. For easy identification of our tissue sampling tags and animals that have had a tissue sample tag inserted, the FLEXOPLUS®GENO range have a green cap and locking ring.

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Replacement Tag Policy

If the tag fails mechanically within the first three years we will replace it FOC. If the mechanical damage was as a result of using an applicator other than the Caisley Universal Applicator, the replacement tag would be charged at the standard price. The most common reasons for tag loss are due to incorrect application:

Using the wrong applicator will damage the tag and locking mechanism.

The female part of the tag (with the locking mechanism cap) should always be in the inside of the ear.

Handling and feeding systems, and fencing etc. differ on every farm and can be a factor with tag loss. However as a rough rule of thumb, with cattle flag tags (large or medium) we would not expect on average over a seven year period a tag loss of more than 1 or 2 tags per 100 and will investigate all cases where the loss rate is significantly higher.