Understanding BVD Tags and Test

Our Caisley BVD Tissue Sampling Tags, combined with a BVD test from our partner laboratories, enable producers to detect BVDv PI cattle effectively within the first week of life.

To use it, simply tag the calf as normal. The Caisley BVD Tissue Sampling Tag is engineered to collect a tissue sample in the attached vial during the tagging process.

After tagging, send the vials to one of our designated laboratories using the provided pre-addressed envelopes; ensure you apply the correct postage. The tissue samples are then tested for the BVDv virus (PI), with the results promptly returned to you.

Official BVD tags

Our range includes various sizes and types, such as large, medium, and button tags, to cater to diverse needs. Our tissue sampling system is designed for flexibility, allowing for dual tissue sampling with official tags for both BVD and DNA testing. This includes the option for one to be an EID tag. Our “Combo 39” solution is particularly efficient, eliminating the need for a third management tag by combining functionalities.

Management BVD tags

In addition to these official tags, we also provide BVD management tags for farmers across England, Scotland, and Wales. These are intended as a third option for testing to achieve BVD-free status. Each tag is personalized with your herd number and issued in sequence for easy management. Simply align the management number with the official ID and dispatch the samples to one of our partnering laboratories. With our BVD Test Pay-As-You-Go system, you have the freedom to select the services that best meet your needs.

We proudly support the BVD Free England, Wales, and Scotland initiative, offering solutions that streamline the testing process and help in the fight against BVD

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