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DNA Tagging Procedure

  • Order Online

    Pick from three choices. Tags for newborn animals, management tags, or tags for inherited animals. If you are using tags for BVD too, opt for your preferred BVD test laboratory. The BVD test operates on a pay-as-you-go basis, and you’ll receive an invoice directly from the lab once the BVD test is done.

  • Caisley process the order

    The Caisley team will handle the processing. Tags for newborn animals will be registered with the government (LUIS) and printed with your herd number along with sequentially assigned individual animal ID’s.

    Your tags will be carefully packaged and sent directly to you. Along with the tags, you will receive a sample submission form and pre-addressed envelopes for DNA and BVD vials if you opt for BVD testing.

  • Tag your animals

    Please carefully read and follow the provided instructions for tissue tagging. Tag your animals and collect tissue samples.

    After application, place the vials into the provided small plastic bag and then into the pre-addressed jiffy envelopes. Take the prepared package to the post office and affix the appropriate postage. Minimum large letter postage.

  • Samples received

    Upon the arrival of vials containing tissue samples for DNA testing, the registration process will commence through the scanning of the 2D code on the vials. This action will lead to the animals being duly registered within the Stabiliser system.

    A BVD sample will also be registered and processed, and you will receive notifications regarding the BVD test results from the laboratory that you decided to use.