Tagging cattle is not only a fantastic way to keep your animals in check, but also a legal requirement under certain conditions. Tissue sampling cattle tags are recommended throughout the UK, are already a legal requirement in Ireland and Scotland. Tissue sampling cattle tags are used to help prevent the spread of BVD, a severe disease that could cause you to lose your entire herd.

Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) costs the UK hundreds of millions each year in lost cattle and dairy produce. One year of BVD testing in Ireland recently showed that 0.61% of cattle tested, showed up positively in having the disease. A calf infected with BVD will have it throughout its life, with the potential to spread the disease to others. Symptoms of BVD include:

– Low birth weight
– Low fertility success rate
– Early death
– Respiratory problems

There are a number of steps to follow when correctly tagging cattle. Firstly, you must ensure that the animal is properly secured. Any unexpected jolts of movement could cause injury to you or the animal. The tag should be applied in the middle of the ear, between the upper and lower ribs, and should be disinfected before application. An applicator tool should always be used to insert the tag safely, by firmly and quickly closing it around the ear. After examining to make sure the tag is properly secured, you can move on to the other ear, if required, and repeat the steps.

When using tissue sampling cattle tags, you must first tag the calf as usual, ensuring a tissue sample is collected in the bar-coded vial on the tag. After tagging, the vial must be sent off to lab, using the pre-addressed label. All samples received by them will be thoroughly tested for BVD, with results being posted back to you. Always consult with your vet before taking action on any results received in this manner. Please note that occasionally the lab will ask for another sample, in which case you will be sent a replacement tag.

Our high quality cattle tags and tissue sampling cattle tags are here to help you. BVD is bad for you (and us) on a business level, as well as being a national issue. With our wide range of visual EID and tissue sampling tags, you can be sure that you have full control over your herd.

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