History of CAISLEY International GmbH

In 1982, Mr and Mrs Caisley founded the company Caisley GmbH with the aim of becoming a reliable partner in the field of identification systems in the agricultural and industrial sector. At the beginning of 1989 the company passed into the hands of Rheinhard Nehls who has been with it from the beginning and who leads the company in a global orientation as CAISLEY International GmbH.

The first product line PRIMAFLEX Livestock tags  were a success both on the national and international market. A combination of intensive customer service, consequent focusing on the requirements of the market as well as extensive expertise led to the development of the product line MULTIFLEX ear tags. These tags combine a long lasting shelf life of the previous manufactured tags with a highly flexible pin made of plastic. A further innovation was CAISLEY’s introduction of marking their livestock tags with a laser. That increased the flexibility and readability. Parallel to this innovation, the developments in the field of laser technology led to the production and sale of laser marking equipment as falling within the overall range of goods supplied by CAISLEY.

FLEXOPLUS, an evolution of the MULTIFLEX product line, is one of CAISLEY’s most recent innovations. Ear tags of this product line are ICAR approved. They passed the extensive tests of an accredited, independent service center. Another milestone in modern livestock identification is FLEXOplusGENO. Using these worldwide well known ear tags it is possible to combine the legal mandatory ear tagging with the sampling of tissue in one procedure without any additional work. For official livestock epidemic control, the tissue is tested for antigens or antibodies, but can also be tested for parentage testing, determination of genetic defects or genotyping.

During the last few years the focus concentrates on electronic livestock identification. In addition to many own developments and patents in this sector CAISLEY cooperates with leading manufacturers of electronic radio frequency components. In October 2003, CAISLEY took over the company AEG ID. Today, with AEG ID in the Caisley group the company is ideally positioned to respond to market developments in livestock identification.

CAISLEY’s outstanding position is not merely confined to the European market. A significant proportion of the output of this medium-sized company is now exported to over one hundred countries. Our blend of practically orientated product innovation, continuous technical training and qualification, form a fine basis today on which CAISLEY International GmbH meets the challenges of tomorrow.