Cattle DNA and BVD Tissue Sampling Tags:

Cattle and sheep Tissue Sampling DNA Tags are a preferred choice among many societies for assessing the genetic potential of your herd and flock. These tags, which collect tissue during application, are instrumental in making informed breeding decisions that drive genetic improvement and profitability.

Available in various formats, including electronic flags and buttons, as official cattle and sheep DNA tags or management.

Geno Tissue Sampling Tags and System Explained

Tissue Sampling Tags for Cattle, Sheep, Pigs and Goat

The Caisley Tissue Sampling Tag is specifically engineered to collect a tissue sample during the tagging process. This allows you to tag your livestock as you normally would while simultaneously collecting a tissue sample.

The system is designed to be ‘tamper-proof’ as the sample is securely sealed at the exact moment the tag is inserted into the animal’s ear.

All information present on the tag is replicated on the tissue sample vial, which remains securely in the applicator after application of the tag. These sample vials can be sent for DNA analysis or BVD testing.

Vial after tag application


Easy visual review of sample quality after application of the tag

Tissue Sampling Tag


Sampling projectile with stainless steel blade


Pin with attached sampler (projectile)


Tissue sample tube with the ear tag number printed and 2D barcode

The tube is equipped with a liquid preservative for DNA testing and a dry desiccant for BVD testing


Locking mechanism with a tissue sample tube inserted

Main uses of Caisley Tissue Sampling Tags:

  • Parentage testing
  • Determination of genetic defects
  • DNA genotyping and estimation of genetic breeding values (Genomics)
  • Proof of origin (e.g. Quality meat programs)
  • Antigen/antibody tests (e.g. BVD Virus, Scrapie)
  • Proof of ownership

Practical & Simple Application on Farm

‘One action tag and sampling – No assembly – No sample transfer’

  • Tag ready to use – No component assembly
  • Sample tube carries unique official Ministry number or management
  • Tube & tag numbering intrinsically linked
  • Tamper proof & tamper evident sample tube
  • None of the components are reusable
  • Down line sample identification using 2D barcode
  • Sample tube scan software interfaces with all major LIMS systems or database

Simple, practical, low cost solution

Unique Unrivalled ‘Closed System’

  • Virtually 100% certainty of sample authenticity
  • Sample unequivocally identified by the unique individual animal number
  • Practical & simple application on farm
  • No external or additional on farm operation & specialist skills required
  • Dovetails with standard analytical laboratory equipment, procedures & processes
  • Proven rigour & robustness in Court of Law
  • Thoroughly tried & tested for over 10 years
  • Simple, practical, low cost solution


DNA tags for Cattle and Sheep, Caisley Eartag Tissue Sampling Tags range

We have the largest range of Tissue sampling tags available on the market. Made using the same high quality of raw materials as our standard visual tags, these tags have a unique design to make ear tagging and tissue sampling easy and stress free.

All of our tags including these Geno tags arrive in strips. For BVD samples you must use a white tube and not a pink tube which is used only for DNA.

Tagging of the calf is quick, accurate and stress free for both the calf and the operator. Always ensure you tag the calf from the rear of its ear as the tag mechanism must be in the inside of the ear.

The tissue sample after tagging is held firmly in the applicator until you are ready to remove and further process.

For extra peace of mind the tissue sample from the animal can be easily seen in the tube as demonstrated here with the black piece of hair and tissue. Store the samples in your neck storage devise until you are ready to process or store in a fridge.