Here’s what some of our customers say about our tags

Being a Farmer for 22 years, we have used various systems and manufacturers of ear tags but these cane with many problems such as quality, service as well as poor retention. After some research, we decided to try out Caisley Eartag Limited.

We have used them for three years now with second to none results in tag retention

As well as the tremendously attentive and responsive service we receive. The most important factor is they really are the highest quality tags we have ever come across. In addition, this is the first time we have ever been truly satisfied with the service as well as the high standard of quality.

We cannot speak more highly of this company and are so impressed with the whole package, we would strongly urge you to use Caisley Eartag Limited as your ONLY Livestock Identification System.

David Whitaker and his son Josh farm in Quernmore, Lancashire where they manage a mixed suckler herd of British Blue and Limousins alongside a flock of North Country Mule ewes.

“We had been using tags from another manufacturer for years but we were getting fed up with the number of tags that were snapping off or being ripped out of ears.  This was costing us lots of time and money!  We met a representative from Caisley who explained why their tags were superior, so we decided to swap.

Since moving to Caisley tags we hardly ever lose a tag.

They never snap and very rarely do we have a ripped ear.  On top of that the taggers are so simple and always 100% accurate to use, plus we can use the same bit of kit for both the sheep and the cattle.  On top of this it is always a pleasure to speak to the friendly and helpful Caisley team on the phone.  I would highly recommend anyone to make the change to Caisley”