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Pig Ear Tags

easy-markCaisley offer a wide range of pig ear tags including the popular Multiflex R/R, Multiflex U/U and Primaflex range. All tags are available in six different colours – Red, Blue, White, Orange, Green & Yellow.

The Multiflex range can be laser marked in house and the Primaflex range can be hot stamped in Germany. This is still a popular choice used by many pig farmers across the world.

Tags are a cost effective way of identifying individual animals. They are made from a durable plastic which can last the lifetime on an animal.

The full range of pig ear tags are also available as a blank option, where you can apply your own management mark with the recommended Caisley marker pen.

When considering how to mark your animals we would always recommend that you check with your local slaughter house or market to find out what methods they will accept.