How can I purchase FlexoPlus®Geno tags?
All Caisley™ tags are available direct from us, the manufacturer, through our UK company located in North Yorkshire. To place an order please contact Becky and her Customer Service team on 01765 530296

Will I need to purchase new pliers for the FlexoPlus®Geno tags?
No. Only one applicator, our Universal Applicator, is required to insert all our tags in the FlexoPlus, MultiFlex and PrimaFlex tag ranges, including the FLEXOPLUS® GENO tissue sampling and FLEXOTRONIC® EID Tags.

Is the tissue sampling tag in addition to the normal Official double-tags for identification purposes?
No. The FLEXOPLUS® GENO tissue sampling tags have full Ministry Approval and can be used as a primary or secondary tag. The second tag in the pair can be a flag, button, visual or electronic.

How much will the BVD test cost?
The cost of the BVD test is £3.00 + VAT in addition to the cost of the tag(s). Caisley™ has negotiated a special price from the SAC Laboratories and is passing this direct to farmers. SAC’s standard price for a BVD test is from £4.00 to £5.00 + VAT

Will Caisley have access to my test results?
No. Only you and your nominated vet will receive the results.

What happens if the sample is contaminated?
The unique nature of the single action sampling process makes this highly unlikely. Inserting the tag takes the sample, encapsulates and seals it in the tube all in the same action. The sample remains sealed in the tube until it reaches the laboratory where the analysis is done without removing the sample from the tube. This eliminates the risk of sample contamination at every stage in the process. We recommend that the animal’s ear is reasonably clean before inserting the tag and taking the sample.

How do I know my test results will not be mixed up with another sample?
The sample tube is printed with the identical information as on the visual part of the tag that remains in the animal’s ear. The same information is recorded in the 2D barcode that is printed on the end of the sample tube. This barcode is electronically scanned at the laboratory and the information automatically transferred into the laboratory’s information management system (LIMS). FLEXOPLUS® GENO is the only tissue tag system on the market that takes the sample and safely secures it in the sample tube, all in the same action when inserting the tag. The test analysis is then done in the same tube.

What about the paperwork?
When you receive your tags, you will also be sent detailed, illustrated instructions on how to insert the tag and take the sample. You will also receive a number of forms and envelopes addressed to the SAC laboratory. Simply fill in the form and post up to 10 samples in the envelope provided.

Is the cost of posting the samples to the SAC laboratory included?
No. You must pay your own postage as the amount payable may vary according to the number of samples sent.

Are there any special storage conditions required for the sample?
No. The samples do not need to be kept in the fridge but we would recommend that they are stored in a cool, dry and dark environment. SAC recommend that all samples for BVD analysis are sent to them within 2 weeks of the sample being taken.

Can I order other tests apart from BVD?
Yes, but you must negotiate and pay for them separately with the testing laboratory. If you have purchased a Tag & BVD Test, this can be done through the SAC laboratory. If you have purchased the FlexoPlus®Geno Tissue Sampling Tag on its own, you can deal directly with a laboratory of your choice.

FLEXOPLUS®GENO tissue sampling tags are a solution for:

  • Parentage testing
  • Determination of genetic defects
  • Proof of origin (e.g.quality meat programs)
  • DNA genotyping and estimation of genetic breeding values (Genomics)
  • Antigen/antibody tests (e.g. BVD Virus)
  • Diseases genotyping (Scrapie)

What do I do when I get the results back?
Your vet will also have received a copy, so will be able to interpret your results for you and discuss the best course of action for your herd.



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