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Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society commits to DNA sampling for every pedigree calf

 The Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society will be using the latest DNA technology to sample every pedigree Aberdeen-Angus calf when being tagged at birth.Elwick-AA


Ron McHattie, Chief Executive at Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society, said; “We work relentlessly to ensure that the Aberdeen-Angus breed is at the forefront of the industry and this latest announcement cements that position. As a Society we have committed to the DNA sampling of every Aberdeen-Angus pedigree calf, revolutionising the industry and raising the bar in pedigree validation.”

There is no better known and globally respected cattle breed than the Aberdeen-Angus. So it is a very considerable privilege and honour for Caisley™ to supply the Aberdeen-Angus CattleSociety with our Geno tissue sampling tags for the management of the herd book.


Caisley’s FlexoPlus™ Geno tissue sampling tags have been in use by cattle, sheep and pig breed societies in other countries for overseven years. The patented tissue sampling system is widely in commercial use by farmers and government agencies around the world today for genetics and genomics, disease management, and animal provenance and traceability.


The FlexoPlus™ Geno system is designed as an integral part of the everyday on-farm process of inserting a tag into an animal’s ear. Geno tags are inserted with the same applicator as every other visual or electronic tag in the Caisley FlexoPlus range. The same action as inserting the tag takes the tissue sample, safely locating and sealing it in the sample tube. The risk of samples being mixed up or contaminated is eliminated. A 2D barcode on the base of the sample tube automatically and securely transfers the identity of the sample into any database.


Having worked closely with Ron McHattie, Neil Caul and Members of the Technical Committee over the last few months, we have directly experienced the unrelenting determination and passion by the Society to use innovation to protect and promote the “brand” Aberdeen-Angus. We are delighted to be able to support the Societies quest for a robust and cost effective solution for taking and storing DNA samples from all pedigree cattle at birth with our innovative livestock tagging technology. We look forward to working closely with the Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society in the years ahead.

 FlexoPlus™ GENO Tissue Tagging Guide