Livestock Tags – Sheep Tags, Cattle Tags, Tissue sampling, EID, Runs, Replacement Livestock tags for the animal’s ears are used to identify different animals. Mandatory in many countries and jurisdictions, it is highly beneficial for both safety and business management. Beyond just being a legal requirement, there are many benefits that support the use of livestock ear tags. This post will cover some of these key advantages of using ear tags to mark your livestock.Using sheep tags or cattle tags will allow you to analyse patterns in your herd, and act on anything that you notice because of it. For example, you may notice that certain animals tend to hang around others, which may mean there is an increased potential for breeding between the pair. With comprehensive tagging, you will be able to keep perfectly accurate records. Well-kept records are great for keeping authorities happy, and good organisation will allow you to more easily maximise profits! Livestock marked using inferior methods, such as paint or ear notches, can often get mixed up and, in extreme cases, lost in the system. This is particularly prevalent when transporting animals to the abattoir or other farms. When taking livestock to the market, you should take particularly consider having proper ear tags. With competitor’s animals and unfamiliar locations are added to the mix, you’ll want to make sure you have a firm grasp on your animal’s identification.Livestock theft is an uncommon, but damaging crime. However, with proper livestock ear tags, you will help deter potential thieves and make it far easier to retrieve any stolen animals. This is particularly true of electronic tags. Even if the ear tags are removed, an untagged animal will be cause for suspicion if any are sold in markets. When dealing with livestock, you owe it to yourself and your animals to ensure they are as safe as possible. Livestock tags are the best and easiest way to accommodate this.Disease is the scourge of farmers worldwide. However, with proper live stock tagging, the spread of disease can be prevented from evolving into a full-blown epidemic. Being able to identify between different animals will allow you to mark infected livestock, and section off different herds to different locations. Tissue sampling tags can be use for disease control. This is something that everyone benefits from, and if any unforeseen circumstances arise, then correct tagging will mean saving a huge amount of money and the lives of your animals. The huge benefits associated with ear tags for your livestock far outweigh and drawbacks or annoyances involved in the tagging process itself.
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