BVD Tags & Test

Bvd Tags & Test

BVD impacts on the fertility of our cows and on the health and welfare of our calves. Control is easy. George-CaldowThe carrier calves need to be identified as early as possible and removed from the herd.

The next step is to protect the breeding females by taking sound biosecurity steps to keep the virus out of the herd and put in place an effective vaccination programme as a further insurance against re-entry of this damaging infection.

Tissue testing of calves through ear tagging allows calves to be tested as early as possible in their lives with the least fuss. It has been used as the cornerstone for national BVD eradication programmes in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Ireland.

There are two tests that are used routinely for detecting the virus in these samples, either the ELISA or PCR. At SAC Veterinary Services we took the decision to use PCR, because it is the best test and we have supported that by using robotic testing.

The tissue sample is preserved within the sample tube in such a way that the samples can be stored in a cool dry place and then sent to the lab in batches every two weeks as required.

Combine a sampling system that indelibly matches the animal identity to the sample with state of the art robotic testing systems and PCR (the best test available) and we have the best possible way to identify virus positive calves at the earliest opportunity. It is then over to you to take action with your vet to ensure good biosecurity and effective herd vaccination. BVD eradication and prevention will produce a positive cost benefit and you will be rewarded by healthier calves.

This testing system is compatible with the Scottish Government BVD eradication programme and can be used in the eradication phase of the CHeCS accreditation programme.

By testing all calves that are born you can have confidence that your replacements are BVD virus free and that bull calves can be finished without suffering losses from this disease.

George Caldow BVM&S, MSc, CertCHP, DipECBHM, MRCVS, FRAgS

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BVD Tags & Test

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