Holstein UK & The Cattle Information Service (CIS) Launch Tag and

Holstein UK & CIS in partnership with Caisley Eartag Limited have announced a new Tag and Analysis Service for their members and milk testing customers.

Caisley tags are used by farmers in over 70 countries around the world.

Caisley is renowned for its range of innovative and practical livestock identification products, which are designed to make it easy for farmers to comply with the increasing demands for animal identification and traceability.

“We have selected a range of Ministry approved and management tags for our members and milk testing customers; visual, electronic (EID) and tissue sampling from the Caisley range,” says CIS Executive Director Sue Cope.


FLEXOPLUS®GENO (tissue sampling tag) is the only tag system on the market that takes the sample and safely secures it in a sample tube, all in the same action when inserting the tag. This eliminates any risk of samples from different animals being mixed up or sample contamination resulting in an incorrect test result.


Tissue sampling tags are available for farmers with the CIS BVD test service.  Farmers will receive tags as well as illustrated instructions on how to take the sample, along with a form and an envelope addressed to the state-of-the-art CIS laboratory at Telford. Results will be reported via the CIS website to customers and, if desired, their vet.