BVD & DNA Testing

Unique Unrivalled ‘Closed System’



  • Virtually 100% certainty of sample authenticity
  • Sample unequivocally identified by the unique individual animal number
  • Practical & simple application on farm
  • No external or additional on farm operation & specialist skills required
  • Dovetails with standard analytical laboratory equipment, procedures & processes
  • Proven rigour & robustness in Court of Law
  • Thoroughly tried & tested for over 10 years
  • Simple, practical, low cost solution



  • Tag ready to use – No component assembly
  • Available on all our visual & electronic livestock tags
  • Sample tube printed with unique number sequence
    • Official Ministry tags, Herd or Flock number & Animal number
    • Management tags, Herd & Flock, plus unique six digit number
  • Tube & tag numbering intrinsically linked
  • Sample tube tamperproof & tamper evident
  • None of the components are reusable
  • Sample identification using 2D barcode
  • Sample tube scan is standard 96 rack laboratory specification
    • No sample transfer
    • Faster sample processing
    • 2D barcode scan automatically uploads sample identification into laboratory software


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